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Natural Solutions  to Protect and Defend

Protectant, repellent and attractant products designed to safely defend against virus-carrying mosquitoes and other pests while preserving the environment and protecting vital pollinators. 


Made from Botanical EPA Exempt Natural Ingredients 

100% DEET Free --- 100% Toxic Chemical Free --- 100% Natural Formulas

Zika Max Defense offers botanical oil-based products to defend against airborne, virus-carrying mosquitoes, biting ticks, fleas, ants and other dangerous pests while protecting valuable pollinating insects.


Proactive protective solutions for our planet, children, pets, waterways, and homes and botanically-based pest management to prevent the spread of insect-borne viruses in public areas.


Understanding the real effects of DEET and other dangerous pesticides and how they affect our health, environment and long term food crops. Pesticides kill vital pollinators but do not solve the virus transmission problem. 

Botanical Repellency Products

   Environmental Solutions

Humanitarian Assistance

A new global problem with an old enemy:  virus-carrying mosquitoes. Learn more about Eco-repellent and preventative solutions designed to combat this escalating epidemic.

Our Mission:

Safely Battling Zika &

Other Dangerous Insect-Transmitted  Viruses

These are troublesome times. A recent mosquito-spread virus epidemic is paralyzing communities, destroying tourism, halting business revenues, and threatens newborns with hideous deformity, blindness, and retardation or even death (microcephaly).  Imagine a  science fiction movie with a terrible monster able to undermine the health of the entire planet, destroy future food crops by killing off pollinating insects and animals, and permanently contaminating the soil, air, and aquifers with poisonous chemicals. This is the Zika virus enemy we now face. 


These Zika virus-carrying mosquito has erupted onto the world's stage and set into motion public panic and desperate measures for attempted prevention, mostly by using highly toxic airborne fogging chemicals.


The standard procedure for mosquito control is chemical fogging of communities and public areas with harsh toxins such as DEET and other noxious pesticides. These are now known to be ineffective towards the Zika virus but are leaving destruction in their wake.


Also, these pesticides kill beneficial pollinating insects and mosquito-eating bats and birds. This loss will effectively destroy farming of many crops reliant on pollinators. Additionally, toxins commonly used in these pesticides detrimentally affect our health.


The long-term repercussions are yet unknown, but recent studies have also linked dengue fever, passed onto humans by the same mosquito that carries the Zika virus, with debilitating arthritis or other chronic illnesses, The urgent problem is how to control the spread of the Zika (and other) viruses while safely preserving our environment and health. 


But unlike other mosquito-transmitted viruses, the Zika virus is also transmitted by sexual contact and blood transfer. And recently published studies show many more birth defects and adult effects are now linked to the Zika virus.


If we continue using toxic pesticides, even children not born with microcephaly may be poisoned with the aftermath of widespread contamination, perhaps requiring longterm care and experiencing a degraded life requiring constant medical intervention. Blindness is now linked to newborns exposed to the Zika virus. In the long run,  we can destroy our economy and risk becoming a welfare planet.


To protect and defend safely, the Zika Max Defense program offers solutions using botanicals and natural ingredients in products as personal and volume repellent applications.


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