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Botanical Oil-Based Repellent Products

Body Oil Spray Eco-Repellent

Our core product, 4 oz. the oval-shaped bottle easily slips into a pocket and is the basis of the Zikoff Defense program offering a safe, eco-friendly spray of light oil with our unique botanical repellent formula. Safe for continued use. Also available in an 8 oz. bulk size. 

Promotional  Events "Kit"

Promote and protect with a special 'kit' for sporting  or other  events:

1) botanical repellent infused plastic seat cover (attaches at the top of the seat or covers benches); 2) towelettes with infused insect repellent for body-contact protection; 3) a travel size spray; 4) purchase coupon & reusable bag or tote.

Available as a custom logo promotional program. 

TSA Approved Travel Size Body Oil Spray  Eco-Repellent

A 3 oz. airline approved travel bottle size designed with a safety lid closure as a stand-alone product or part of a travel kit. Travel-easy and ideal for purse or pocket. 


Disposable Table Covers

Individually packaged or in multi-packs, insect repellent, time-release tablecloths or covers repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects creating a protective "zone" above, around and below the eating area. Ideal for home use as protection while congregating or for outdoor picnic tables, ground cloths or any eating or sitting area. Can be used as a liner for baby blankets, pet areas or as a general deterrent to flying, biting or crawling insects. 


Water Surface Coating Systems

A special formula containing herbal larvae killing ingredients encapsulated in environmentally-friendly bulk oil carriers able to dissolve and disperse in standing water to kill mosquito larvae and repel new female mosquitoes from laying future generations. Also available as a bulk spray system and drone spray system.


Body Armor Eco-Repellent Bands for Head, Wrist, Ankles

A ‘stick-on’ device for vehicles designed to repel female mosquitos hiding under the dashboard or seats. Difficult to eliminate from these dark, recessed areas of vehicles, this is a safe solution to an otherwise overlooked area of exposure. In warm climates, car windows are mostly left open to cool car interiors, allowing access Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes.

Pet Protection

Pets deserve protection! Zikoff Defense for pets is formulated specifically to be safe and protect them from fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes and other yard pests.  Apply directly to head or fur, or use as a collar coating. 

Repellent Garbage  Bags

Home use as 13-gallon trash bags or commercial sizes for restaurants, hotels, public spaces or anywhere garbage is collected and insects congregate. Repelling insects from garbage areas protects vital pollinators; don't kill the good with the bad.  Avoid bacteria and other harmful, airborne ailments, repels biting and stinging insects and prevents egg-laying in standing water pools created by collected, piled plastic garbage bags awaiting disposal. Time-release natural formula. 

Travel Towelette Wipes

Individual towelettes with ‘wipe on’ formula. Convenient, portable and ideal as a promotional item customized with logos

or included in a custom "kit". Individual, disposable packets are alcohol-based to dry quickly while maintaining the essential oil effect. 

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